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Satellite Radio > Channels > Comparison > Rock


Channel Comparison: XM Radio vs. Sirius for Rock Music

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Rock music is one of the best selling features of satellite radio. As you can see below, both XM Radio and Sirius Radio have a great selection of rock music in a commercial-free format. The choices run all the way from hard rock to the classics. Each system has over a dozen channels in this category - more than any other music type. And you won't find much difference in their line up. So with either system, you will find what you are searching for in rock music.



Service Channel Category Channel Name Description
Sirius 10 Rock E Street  Radio Bruce Springsteen  24/7 
Sirius 14 Rock Classic Vinyl  '60s &  '70s Classic Rock
Sirius 15 Rock Classic Rewind  '70s &  '80s Classic Rock
Sirius 16 Rock Deep Tracks  Deep Classic  Rock 
Sirius 17 Rock Jam_ON   Jam Bands   
Sirius 18 Rock The Spectrum  Adult Album  Rock 
Sirius 19 Rock Boneyard   Classic Hard  Rock 
Sirius 20 Rock Octane   New Hard  Rock 
Sirius 21 Rock Alt Nation  New Alternative  Rock 
Sirius 22 Rock 1st Wave  Classic Alternative   
Sirius 23 Rock Hair Nation  '80s Hair  Bands 
Sirius 24 Rock Lithium   '90s Alternative/Grunge   
Sirius 25 Rock Underground Garage  Little Steven's  Underground Garage
Sirius 26 Rock SIRIUS XM  U Indie Rock   
Sirius 27 Rock Liquid Metal  Heavy Metal   
Sirius 28 Rock Faction   Music of  Action Sports w/ Tony Hawk
Sirius 29 Rock The Loft  Contemporary Eclectic   
Sirius 30 Rock The Coffee  House Acoustic Singer  - Songwriters
Sirius 31 Rock Radio Margaritaville  Escape to  Margaritaville 
Sirius 32 Rock The Grateful  Dead Channel Grateful Dead  24/7 
Sirius 33 Rock The Bridge  Mellow Rock   
Sirius 86 Rock CBC Radio  3 Canadian Indie  Music 
XM Radio 21 Rock Kiss Today's Hottest Hits And Non-Stop Jamz
XM Radio 40 Rock Deep Tracks Deep Classic Rock
XM Radio 41 Rock Hair Nation '80s Hair Bands
XM Radio 42 Rock Liquid Metal Heavy Metal
XM Radio 43 Rock SIRIUS XM U Indie Rock
XM Radio 44 Rock 1st Wave Classic Alternative
XM Radio 45 Rock The Spectrum Adult Album Rock
XM Radio 46 Rock Classic Vinyl '60s & '70s Classic Rock
XM Radio 47 Rock Alt Nation New Alternative Rock
XM Radio 48 Rock Octane New Hard Rock
XM Radio 49 Rock Classic Rewind '70s & '80s Classic Rock
XM Radio 50 Rock The Loft Contemporary Eclectic
XM Radio 51 Rock The Coffee House Acoustic Singer - Songwriters
XM Radio 52 Rock Faction Music of Action Sports w/ Tony Hawk
XM Radio 53 Rock Boneyard Classic Hard Rock
XM Radio 54 Rock Lithium '90s Alternative/Grunge
XM Radio 55 Rock Radio Margaritaville Escape to Margaritaville
XM Radio 56 Rock Jam_ON Jam Bands
XM Radio 57 Rock The Grateful Dead Channel Grateful Dead 24/7
XM Radio 58 Rock E Street Radio Bruce Springsteen 24/7
XM Radio 59 Rock Underground Garage Little Steven's Underground Garage
XM Radio 161 Rock Rock @ Random Pure Classic Rock Variety

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