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Channel Comparison: XM Radio vs. Sirius for Talk Radio

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Talk Radio shows have boomed in popularity. And as you can tell by the listing below, it is featured strongly on satellite radio. Both XM Radio and Sirius provide several channels of talk radio from several viewpoints: left, right, and center.

Sirius Radio provides more channels for talk radio, and includes Hispanic Talk-181 and NPR Talk-135.


Talk Channels

Service Channel Category Channel Name Description
Sirius 110 Talk POTUS   Unfiltered Political  Talk 
Sirius 134 Talk NPR Now  NPR News  & Conversation
Sirius 135 Talk NPR Talk  NPR News  & Talk
Sirius 144 Talk SIRIUS XM  Patriot Conservative Talk   
Sirius 146 Talk SIRIUS Left  Talk Liberal  Talk 
Sirius 159 Talk The Catholic  Channel Not What  You'd Expect
Sirius 160 Talk EWTN Catholic  Radio EWTN Global  Catholic Radio Network
Sirius 161 Talk FamilyNet Radio  Family Net:  Christian Talk
Sirius 196 Talk XM Public  Radio Radio XM  Public Radio
XM Radio 117 Talk The Catholic Channel Not What You'd Expect
XM Radio 130 Talk POTUS Politics Unfiltered Political Talk
XM Radio 133 Talk XM Public Radio XM Public Radio
XM Radio 134 Talk NPR Now NPR News & Conversation
XM Radio 136 Talk PRX Public Radio Public Interest Programming
XM Radio 158 Talk Americas Talk Compelling Talk Show Hosts
XM Radio 159 Talk ATN - Asian Radio North America's South Asian Channel
XM Radio 165 Talk Talk Radio Clear, No-Nonsense Advice & Opinions
XM Radio 167 Talk America Left Progressive Talk
XM Radio 170 Talk Family Talk Christian Talk